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BASETOPIC -- base topic where an INCLUDE started

BASEWEB -- base web where an INCLUDE started

CONTENTMODE{web="WEB"} -- content mode

DATE -- signature format date

DISPLAYTIME -- display date and time

DISPLAYTIME{"format"} -- formatted display time

ENV{"varname"} -- inspect the value of an environment variable

FAILEDPLUGINS -- debugging for plugins that failed to load, and handler list

HOMETOPIC -- home topic in each web

HTTP -- get HTTP headers

HTTP_HOST -- environment variable

HTTPS -- get HTTPS headers

INCLUDINGTOPIC -- name of topic that includes current topic

INCLUDINGWEB -- web that includes current topic

LANGUAGE -- current user's language

LANGUAGES -- list available TWiki languages

LOCALSITEPREFS -- web.topicname of site preferences topic

MAINWEB -- synonym for USERSWEB

MDREPO -- retrieve data from metadata repository