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ACTIVATEDPLUGINS -- list of currently activated plugins

ADDTOHEAD -- add HTML to the HTML head section of the current page

ALLVARIABLES -- list of currently defined TWikiVariables

AQUA -- start aqua colored text

ATTACHURL -- full URL for attachments in the current topic

ATTACHURLPATH -- path of the attachment URL of the current topic

AUTHREALM -- authentication realm

BASETOPIC -- base topic where an INCLUDE started

BASEWEB -- base web where an INCLUDE started

BB -- bullet with line break

BB2 -- level 2 bullet with line break

BB3 -- level 3 bullet with line break

BB4 -- level 4 bullet with line break

BLACK -- start black colored text

BLUE -- start blue colored text

BR -- line break

BROWN -- start brown colored text

BUBBLESIG -- show bubble box and user signature with profile picture icon

BULLET -- bullet sign

CALC{"formula"} -- add spreadsheet calculations to tables

CALCULATE{"formula"} -- handle spreadsheet calculations outside tables

CARET -- caret symbol

COLORPICKER{} -- color picker for use in HTML forms for TWiki applications

COMMENT{ attributes } -- insert an edit box into the topic to easily add comments.

CONTENTMODE{web="WEB"} -- content mode

COPY -- Copyright symbol

DASHBOARD -- build a dashboard with banner and boxes

DATE -- signature format date

DATEPICKER{} -- pop-up calendar to select a date for use in HTML forms

DISPLAYTIME -- display date and time

DISPLAYTIME{"format"} -- formatted display time

EDITACTION -- select an edit template

EDITFORMFIELD{"fieldname" form=""} -- render an input field specified in a form template topic

EDITTABLE{ attributes } -- edit TWiki tables using edit fields and other input fields

ENCODE{string} -- encode a string to URL entities, HTML entities, CSV format, and more

ENDBG -- end background color section

ENDCOLOR -- end colored text

ENDSECTION{"name"} -- marks the end of a named section within a topic

ENTITY{string} -- encode a string to HTML entities

ENV{"varname"} -- inspect the value of an environment variable

EXAMPLEVAR -- example variable

FAILEDPLUGINS -- debugging for plugins that failed to load, and handler list

FORMFIELD{"fieldname"} -- renders a field in the form attached to some topic

GET{"name"} -- get a variable

GMTIME -- GM time

GMTIME{"format"} -- formatted GM time

GRAY -- start gray colored text

GREEN -- start green colored text

GROUPS -- a formatted list of groups

H -- help icon

HEADLINES{"url"} -- show RSS and ATOM feeds in TWiki pages

HIDE{text} -- hide content in topic view

HIDEINPRINT{text} -- hide content when printing

HOMETOPIC -- home topic in each web

HTTP -- get HTTP headers

HTTP_HOST -- environment variable

HTTPS -- get HTTPS headers

I -- idea icon

ICON{"name"} -- small documentation graphic or icon of common attachment types

ICONURL{"name"} -- URL of small documentation graphic or icon

ICONURLPATH{"name"} -- URL path of small documentation graphic or icon

IF{"condition" ...} -- simple conditionals

INCLUDE{"page"} -- include other topic or web page

INCLUDINGTOPIC -- name of topic that includes current topic

INCLUDINGWEB -- web that includes current topic

JQENDTAB -- end a JQuery tab within a tab pane

JQENDTABPANE -- end a JQuery tab pane

JQTAB -- start a JQuery tab within a tab pane

JQTABPANE -- start a JQuery tab pane

LANGUAGE -- current user's language

LANGUAGES -- list available TWiki languages

LAQUO -- left double angle quote

LIME -- start lime colored text

LOCALSITEPREFS -- web.topicname of site preferences topic

LOGIN -- present a full login link to non-authenticated user

LOGINURL -- present a login link

LOGOUT -- present a full logout link to authenticated user

LOGOUTURL -- present a logout link

M -- moved to... icon

MAINWEB -- synonym for USERSWEB

MAKETEXT -- translate text using TWiki's I18N infrastructure

MAROON -- start maroon colored text

MDREPO -- retrieve data from metadata repository

META -- displays meta-data

METASEARCH -- special search of meta data

N -- "new" icon

NAVY -- start navy blue colored text

NBSP -- non-breaking space

NOP -- template text not to be expanded in instantiated topics

NOTIFYTOPIC -- name of the notify topic

OLIVE -- start olive green colored text

ORANGE -- start orange colored text

P -- pencil icon

PARENTBC -- parent breadcrumbs for headings

PARENTTOPIC -- parent of current topic

PINK -- start pink colored text

PLUGINDESCRIPTIONS -- list of plugin descriptions

PLUGINVERSION -- the version of a TWiki Plugin, or the TWiki Plugins API

PUBURL -- the base URL of attachments

PUBURLPATH -- the base URL path of attachments

PURPLE -- start purple colored text

Q -- question icon

QUERYPARAMS -- show paramaters to the query

QUERYSTRING -- full, unprocessed string of parameters to this URL

RAQUO -- right double angle quote

RED -- start red colored text

REDBG -- start red colored background section

REG -- Registered Trademark symbol

REMOTE_ADDR -- environment variable

REMOTE_PORT -- environment variable

REMOTE_USER -- environment variable

RENDERLIST -- render bullet lists in a variety of formats

REVINFO -- revision information of current topic

REVINFO{"format"} -- formatted revision information of topic

S -- red star icon

SCRIPTNAME -- name of current script

SCRIPTSUFFIX -- script suffix

SCRIPTURL -- base URL of TWiki scripts

SCRIPTURL{"script"} -- URL of TWiki script

SCRIPTURLPATH -- base URL path of TWiki scripts

SCRIPTURLPATH{"script"} -- URL path of TWiki script

SEARCH{"text"} -- search content

SERVERTIME -- server time

SERVERTIME{"format"} -- formatted server time

SESSIONID -- unique ID for this session

SESSIONVAR -- name of CGI and session variable that stores the session ID

SESSION_VARIABLE -- get, set or clear a session variable

SET{"name" value="..."} -- set a variable

SETGETDUMP{...} -- dump persistent variables

SILVER -- start silver colored text

SITENAME -- the current site name

SITESTATISTICSTOPIC -- name of site statistics topic

SLIDESHOWEND -- end slideshow

SLIDESHOWSTART -- convert a topic with headings into a slideshow

SPACEDTOPIC -- topic name, spaced and URL-encoded deprecated

SPACEOUT{"string"} -- renders string with spaces inserted in sensible places

STARTINCLUDE -- start position of topic text if included

STARTSECTION -- marks the start of a section within a topic

STATISTICSTOPIC -- name of statistics topic

STOPINCLUDE -- end position of topic text if included

SYSTEMWEB -- name of TWiki documentation web

T -- tip icon

TABLE{ attributes } -- control attributes of tables and sorting of table columns

TEAL -- start teal colored text

TM -- Trademark symbol

TOC -- table of contents of current topic

TOC{"Topic"} -- table of contents

TOPIC -- name of current topic

TOPICLIST{"format"} -- topic index of a web

TOPICTITLE -- title of a topic

TOPICURL -- shortcut to viewing the current topic


TWISTY{ attributes } -- dynamically open and close sections of content

U -- "updated" icon

URLPARAM{"name"} -- get value of a URL parameter

USERINFO{"name"} -- retrieve details about a user

USERNAME -- your login username

USERREPORT -- show user reports with profile pictures

USERSIG -- show user signature with profile picture icon

USERSWEB -- name of users web

VAR{"NAME" ...} -- get a preference value from another web or topic and more

VBAR -- vertical bar

WEB -- name of current web

WEBLIST{"format"} -- index of all webs

WEBPREFSTOPIC -- name of web preferences topic

WHITE -- start white colored text

WIKIHOMEURL -- site home URL

WIKILOGOALT -- site logo tooltip message

WIKILOGOIMG -- site logo image URL

WIKILOGOURL -- site logo home URL

WIKINAME -- your Wiki username

WIKIPREFSTOPIC -- name of site-wide preferences topic

WIKITOOLNAME -- name of your TWiki site

WIKIUSERNAME -- your Wiki username with web prefix

WIKIUSERSTOPIC -- name of topic listing all registers users

WIKIVERSION -- the version of the installed TWiki engine

WIP -- work in progress icon

X -- warning icon

Y -- "yes" icon

YELLOW -- start yellow colored text

Total: 180 variables

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