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ACTIVATEDPLUGINS -- list of currently activated plugins

ADDTOHEAD -- add HTML to the HTML head section of the current page

CALC{"formula"} -- add spreadsheet calculations to tables

CALCULATE{"formula"} -- handle spreadsheet calculations outside tables

DASHBOARD -- build a dashboard with banner and boxes

EDITFORMFIELD{"fieldname" form=""} -- render an input field specified in a form template topic

ENCODE{string} -- encode a string to URL entities, HTML entities, CSV format, and more

ENDSECTION{"name"} -- marks the end of a named section within a topic

ENTITY{string} -- encode a string to HTML entities

EXAMPLEVAR -- example variable

FORMFIELD{"fieldname"} -- renders a field in the form attached to some topic

GET{"name"} -- get a variable

IF{"condition" ...} -- simple conditionals

INCLUDE{"page"} -- include other topic or web page

MAKETEXT -- translate text using TWiki's I18N infrastructure

QUERYPARAMS -- show paramaters to the query

QUERYSTRING -- full, unprocessed string of parameters to this URL

REMOTE_ADDR -- environment variable

REMOTE_PORT -- environment variable

REMOTE_USER -- environment variable

SCRIPTNAME -- name of current script

SCRIPTSUFFIX -- script suffix

SCRIPTURL -- base URL of TWiki scripts

SCRIPTURL{"script"} -- URL of TWiki script

SCRIPTURLPATH -- base URL path of TWiki scripts

SCRIPTURLPATH{"script"} -- URL path of TWiki script

SEARCH{"text"} -- search content