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6 years ago - r9  

URLPARAM{`name`} get value of a URL parameter Returns the value of a URL parameter. Syntax: % URLPARAM{`name` Supported parameters: Parameter...
6 years ago - r4  

U `updated` icon Type: Preference variable TWikiRenderingShortcut. Syntax: % U% Expands to: Category: FormattingAndRenderingVariables...
6 years ago - r2  

TWISTY{ attributes } dynamically open and close sections of content The % TWISTY{ variable is handled by the TwistyPlugin. Syntax: % TWISTY{ ......
6 years ago - r4  

TWIKIWEB synonym for SYSTEMWEB Deprecated. Please use % SYSTEMWEB% instead. Category: SystemInformationVariables Related: SYSTEMWEB, USERSWEB
6 years ago - r4  

TOPICURL shortcut to viewing the current topic This variable always expands to an url pointing to the current base topic. Type: Preference variable TWikiRenderingShortcut...
5 years ago - r2  

TOPICTITLE title of a topic The topic title is defined by, in order of sequence: form field named `Title`, topic preference setting named TITLE...
6 years ago - r3  

TOPICLIST{`format`} topic index of a web List of all topics in a web. The `format` defines the format of one topic item. It may include variables: The $topic...
6 years ago - r6  

TOPIC name of current topic % TOPIC% expands to the name of the topic. If you are looking at the text of an included topic, it is the name of the included topic...
5 years ago - r7  

TOC{`Topic`} table of contents Table of Contents. Shows a TOC that is generated automatically based on headings of a topic. Headings in WikiSyntax ( ` text`...
5 years ago - r7  

TOC table of contents of current topic Syntax: % TOC% Category: FormattingAndRenderingVariables, UIAndVisualizationVariables Related: INCLUDE, TOC...

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