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What To Wish To Know About Lithium-Ion Battery Packs?

Today, many manufacturers make custom Lithium Floor Cleaning Machine Battery Pack External link mark. Based on your specifications you can purchase portable battery packs that help power electronics. This kind of battery is very popular with people who use consumer electronics. The major advantages of these batteries include high performance and quick recharge cycles. This is why they are widely used in different sectors, including military, automotive and aerospace to name just a few. In this guide, we will discuss some of the primary advantages of custom lithium-ion battery packs.


Nowadays, people are worried about the size of products they use. Also, they are looking for things that are compact and still provide the same functionality. Thus, we would prefer smaller deviceslike desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones, to mention a few.

As far as the lithium-ion battery is in terms of weight, it's lightweight in comparison to other batteries. Therefore, these batteries are available in millions across the globe. They can be carried without difficulty due to their light weight.

Energy Density

Another great advantage of these units is that they are equipped with greater energy density. This is the reason these devices are great for different kinds of users. Although they are small in dimensions, they'll provide plenty of power to run your devices for an extended period of time.

Discharge Rate

One drawback of rechargeable batteries is that they will continue to discharge even when they are not in use. This is known as a self-discharge cycle. If you don't utilize a battery for several weeks the battery will have to be recharged.

The good news is that the custom lithium-ion battery packs come with very low discharge rates. Even if you don't utilize your battery over a period of 30 days it'll go through 1.5 percent of its energy. Thus, the shelf-life of these units is longer than expected. However, a metal nickel hybrid battery pack is able to lose one fifth of its capacity when it is not in use for a period of 30 days.

Charge Cycle

Unlike other types of batteries, lithium-ion ones are able to charge quickly and have a short cycle. This is why they are utilized in a variety of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and tablet computers. They can be fully charged within about 60-90 minutes.


Not to mention, lithium-ion batteries last a long time-to-life, which is why they are recharged numerous times. As time passes and the battery capacity decreases. However, even if recharge the batteries many times, they will still contain at least 70% capacity.

The life expectancy of the battery will depend on the kind and manufacturing quality. Thus, if you choose an item of high-quality you will be able to keep its capacity after 6000 charge cycles.

In essence, this is an explanation of the most common advantages of custom lithium-ion battery packs. If you're in search of an ideal battery pack recommend to purchase a customized lithium-ion battery pack. They'll meet your needs. To Learn more visit this website External link mark.

Lithium Ion Batteries - What you need to know about Li-Ion Technology

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery technology is among the most rapidly growing trends within the tool community and definitely for a the right reasons. Lithium Ion batteries have the greatest energy to weight ratio, meaning that they have the most power with the least bulk. They are also free of memory effect or lazy battery effect. This happens when the battery can't accept a maximum charge after having been repeatedly recharged without fully using (a common symptom in Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) batteries). Li-Ion batteries, conversely, have absolutely no memory and are able to take on a maximum amount of charge. Furthermore, Lithium Ion batteries have the ability to sustain a slow rate of loss of charge when the battery is off.

What is the main difference what is the difference between Lithium Batteries and Lithium Ion Batteries?

The distinction lies in chemical composition; a Lithium battery is an energy source that is disposable and made from lithium-metal compounds - the main term being disposable. Lithium batteries cannot recharged. Lithium Ion batteries are, however are intercalated, which means that the lithium ion contained in the battery circulates between two internal electrodes. This reversibility, or movement of the lithium ion , is responsible for the battery's rechargeability.

What are the benefits that come from Lithium Ion Technology?

-- Lithium Ion batteries have a significant amount of power and are surprisingly light-weight, in comparison to the other batteries that recharge.

-- Li-Ion battery are single cell technology and more energy storage capacity than Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium batteries. They store more power for their size than NiCad and NiMH.

-- lithium-ion batteries keep their charge for significantly longer than other comparable batteries, and provide steady power until the charge is gone. Others batteries gradually and steadily go through a decline in power when you work. Li-Ion batteries last until the end of the step.

Are there disadvantages to using Lithium Ion batteries?

-- Battery Lithium-Ion is sensitive to intense temperatures, both cold and hot. If temperatures exceed a certain temperature the battery will degrade more quickly.

-- Li-Ion batteries will degrade with time regardless of use.

-- The Li-Ion's integrated computer chip tells the battery to refuse a charge when the battery's capacity falls below a specific level. If this occurs, the battery is damaged beyond repair.

Although the defects are more common to earlier Lithium Ion batteries, the possibility of observing these issues is not a bad thing to consider. Fortunately, these said defects are very rare and are easily prevented.

-- The Li-Ion batteries should be stored (and other batteries as well) in a dry, cool place.

-- Make sure you use your Li-Ion batteries often.

-- Make sure Li-Ion batteries are in full charge prior to storing them and then take them out every frequently to use and recharge. Be aware of the battery's power levels to be sure it's not falling below the charging limit.

General Li-Ion Battery Tips

-- Sometimes Lithium Ion batteries need multiple charges (sometimes up to 10) to be able to take a full charge. When you first charge your battery be sure to allow it to charge for a few hours. This will ensure you'll have the most capacity for your first usage.

-- To maintain proper balance within your battery ensure that it is charged over night at least every week for the duration and life of the battery.

-- When you purchase a new Lithium Ion battery ensure sure that you buy the latest model. There is a possibility that a battery has begun to degrade on the shelves of distributors' and distributor's stores, so make sure you're purchasing a new one. A majority of battery manufacturers have an expiration date on the battery or in the packaging. Verify dates prior to buying and make sure you're purchasing a clean battery that is high-performance. battery.

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