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Zedge is another great source for iPhone ringtones Users can choose from more than 27 categories and download free ringtones from there. You can also upload your own ringtones or use Zedge's email feature. In addition to Freetone, there are several websites that offer free ringtones. You can find a large selection of music in various categories, and you can also share them with friends.

To create your own ringtones, you can use any song you want to. You can also use an audio editor, such as Audacity, to manipulate music files and create ringtones. However, be aware of its privacy policies. Regardless of whether or not you decide to use iTunes as your ringtone creator, it is worth trying out! You can make free ringtones using almost any type of music and if it's free, it's definitely worth a try.

Mobile9 is a great resource for finding free ringtones for any phone. Just be sure to let the site know what type of phone you have before downloading any ringtones. There's also a large selection of notification sounds and a great search bar that lets you browse by name or tag. A preview of the ringtone will be available to view, and there's a download button for it. The site also includes ringtone stats so you can check how your ringtone is performing on your device.

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