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The secrets behind the bath bomb The bubble bath is an act that many of us consider to be a pleasure. Have you ever wondered why? Behind a good bath there is always a set of sensations and elements that make it a unique and special moment, such as bath bombs.

Their use has spread to such an extent that we at SoYes! have been curious to know what their secret is. So we've looked into it and we're going to tell you right now why these little balls are all the rage - never better said - and how you can take advantage of their benefits with this historic ritual called immersion. Let's get started.

Who is this bath bomb? If you're still a virgin in this field, stay with me. Discovering this world is quite a fantasy.

The bath bomb is a cosmetic product designed essentially for use in the bathtub. It consists of a ball of soap which, once submerged in water, melts and creates bubbles or foam, depending on its composition (hence its name).

Since it appeared in the 1980s, as what could be called a coincidence, the bath bomb has evolved into what we know today: a fun little ball.

Its creators say that it was inspired by an antacid, a pill that emitted bubbles when submerged in water. They thought it was curious and decided to experiment, creating a cosmetic product that was unconventional and generated a sensory experience. And the truth is that they succeeded.

How do I know? There is a rule that confirms if a product is sensorial: if the cat tries to get hold of it, you've done it right.

Do you have cats?

What are the effects of the ingredients? The bath bomb may have different compositions, but you will find in all of them:

Baking soda Citric acid These are the main ingredients. But don't be scared, even though they sound a lot like a laboratory, they have great properties for the skin.

In the case of baking soda, it is obtained from the ashes of plants and is very mild, both in terms of its impact and the effect it leaves on the dermis afterwards. It is a safe ingredient that also has a cleansing effect.

Citric acid, as the name suggests, is present in many fruits, especially lemon and orange. It acts as a natural antioxidant and is very useful in combating superficial skin infections.

Both are often combined with essential oils or natural butters so that the resulting product provides more benefits to the skin. They are so easy to make that some people even dare to make them at home (the most basic ones, of course).

You may also have heard of bubble baths. It's practically the same as a bath bomb; what makes them different is the mixture with their main ingredient: in the case of the bubble, instead of being made with citric acid, it's made with tartaric acid. For practical purposes, the latter makes foam and the bomb makes bubbles.

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