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* Do some yard work. Lean hedges and bushes so thieves can not hide out.

* Know your neighbors. To get extra information, you are encouraged to check-out: Hair Replacement 10 Things You Need To Find Out When Contemplating A Hair Replacement External link mark. Neighbors who consider one another are among the best, and most affordable, defenses against neighbor hood crime.

* Secure your free. Keep your spare key with a trusted friend. Never cover it on the house. Criminals have more experience looking for secrets than you do covering them.

* Let there be light. Ensure all outside gates - front, straight back and side - have good lighting so burglars can't easily hide. For alternative viewpoints, we know people check out: buy windows External link mark.

* Stop paper and mail deliveries. A pile of papers in the garage can be a clear sign into a thief that you're abroad.

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