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Five essential tips  to choose the right pressure cooker for your needs

The best pressure cooker will cut your cooking time to 1/3. Besides, it also retains more nutrients in your food. Research has shown that a pressure cooker can keep more than 50% of vitamins and minerals, compared to a crock pot or instant pot. More importantly, the highest rated pressure cooker saves energy, as well. They use about 70% less electricity and gas, which means you can cut your spending on monthly bills. With all of these benefits of a pressure cooker, why not buying one? Picking the right one can be a challenge, as there are many models on the market. So let us help you by providing a quick buying guide. Let’s dive right in!

1.  Think of the size first

An important tip that’s worth your attention is that a pressure cooker can only fill two-thirds of its size. So it’s best to know how many people you usually cook for and then decide on your ideal size. We would recommend giving a few extra servings as you might have friends coming over during weekends or holidays. The best-rated pressure cookers usually come in 6 and 8 quarts, and six is more popular.

2.  Durability is crucial

The materials of top pressure cookers are significantly different from lower-end models. And the better materials your cooker is made from, the more durable it would be. While stainless steel cookers last the longest, aluminum tends to discolor faster.


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3.  Factor in the replacement parts as well

While most shoppers tend to look into the size, materials, and price of their preferred pressure cooker, we would recommend you to look into the replacement parts as well. The cooking pot and gasket are two first parts to look at, as they tend to get broken easily and need a replacement. Given this, they should be easy to find and reasonably priced

You wouldn’t want to spend $80, which is almost the price of a new cooker, to replace a few parts of your old stove. The best pressure cookers reviews usually include those models from manufacturers that offer you with affordable replacement parts. Given this, if you’re reading reviews, only put into your shortlist those of inexpensive components and accessories.

4.  Not all stainless steel is the same

As mentioned above, stainless steel cookers are always more durable than those made from other materials. However, not all stainless steel is 100% resistant to corrosion. So it’s best to look for the label “18/10 stainless steel” when you consider different models. This label means that your cooker is made from 18% chromium and 10% nickel.

Chromium and nickel add to the durability of stain. In specific, stainless steel should include at least 10% chromium in it. The higher amount of chromium your stain has, the more durable it would be.

5.  Safety features

Look for essential safety functions such as the safety valve to prevent explosion due to blocked food in the release valve. Also, your pressure cooker should have an interlock lid to prevent unwanted accidents caused by hot liquid or food.

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The bottom line

If we were asked “which the best pressure cooker is", we would say the best is the one that fits your needs the most. Five key factors to consider before clicking the purchase button are size, durability, replacement parts, the stainless steel label, and safety features. We hope our post was helpful. Click share if you like it, and feel free to leave us your comments below.

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