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Mudra is the best liquidity locker in 2022 on the BSC network

Exchanges like PancakeSwap facilitates creating market liquidity for BSC tokens so that buyers can quickly purchase or sell them without causing a drastic change in the price. These liquidity pools, however, have been the target of a common exit scam in the crypto world, the rugpulls. Crypto developers launch a new token, do hyper marketing, get tonnes of investments, and then they withdraw the liquidity pool, leaving buyers stranded with coins of practically no value.

Liquidity locking, which prevents such frauds, has therefore been a common ask from investors to establish the legitimacy of a coin. Unfortunately, locking liquidity used to be a high-cost and difficult process due to the lack of a good liquidity locking platform.

To promote and democratize liquidity locking, Mudra has introduced the most affordable and feature-rich liquidity locker External link mark to the Binance Smart Chain. Token owners can instantly lock their liquidity by transferring the pool (LP) tokens to the Mudra time-lock contract. Verified lock certificates with QR codes can be used to share the lock percentage and duration with the investors, they can now invest with confidence. Mudra locker has the lowest charges and locks management features like extending lock duration are absolutely free. It has become the fastest-growing platform in 2021 with 10000+ projects signing up within weeks. About Mudra:

Mudra is a BSC asset manager, which has introduced several innovative products for BSC investors and developers. Mudra Token Research is the world’s first comprehensive BSC token scan tool. Using smart contract code and blockchain data analysis, Mudra Research helps investors avoid rugpulls and honeypots. Mudra BEP20 Token Generator External link mark is the easiest way to create your own BSC token in seconds, with features like a verified contract, anti-whale mechanics, honeypot-proof code, fee rewards to holders, automatic liquidity add, and much more. Please visit External link mark to know more.

-- Aalilyanna Trump - 2022-05-04


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