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If you decide that a network marketing business is for you, then the first two things you will potentially need to get your hands on are number one, an instructor in the form of a course you can take so you may better see why the top social promoters who earn six or 7 figure incomes a year are so successful.

Good luck, it is not straightforward. There are probably 100 software packages out there some written by true network marketing experts whose target is to help new network marketers succeed. But sadly lots of these courses are penned by people who simply need to get their hands on new network marketers' credit cards!

All that may be expounded about this, is research and research some more.

Write down a list of all the names that consistently keep popping up in front of you when you punch in your keyphrases and then research each one of these folk till you find someone you believe you can trust.

See how long they've been in the business and most importantly, do they run their own successful internet marketing firms? If somebody is fair, and selling a course to help a newbie like you, they are also going to be perfectly transparent about their history and what they have done to get them their status of "expert" or "guru".

There is a lot of free info about MLM and software programs, and some of these have awfully decent prices. Be advised that you can most likely find out all you need to know about social marketing for only $50. The genuine experts who are attempting to help you fairly often just wish to cover the price of making the software and building their courses, they make enough money from their own social marketing businesses that they do not have to screw new entrants for huge sums of money. You aren't getting what you pay for in this example if someone wants a big sum of money for their course don't buy it. You aren't getting additional information the more you pay, unless of course they're offering to give you a never ending supply of qualified leads ( would that be nice? )

Once you go through the course you've selected and learned it well, you'll need to get organised. As soon as you get your first lead you should be looking for software that will help you get stay in control. You want to keep all of your information inside a software programme and not scattered round your desk on bits of paper because you will soon forget some of those first few leads you were given and you'll also require something to organize when you start hiring a downline team. All of the payments and all of the products will also need to be tracked, and you will potentially want to keep notes about many sides of your MLM business.

There are loads of free MLM software products out there too. I'm always stunned at the things given away for free, but naturally some come with strings attached, while many do not.

Try each one out for size till you find something that you like, it's simpler to do it when you're starting out, because when you start to get leads, you'll be too tied up with other things.

When you start generating hundreds of leads you'll soon realize why good tracking and software are a vital part of your MLM system and systems are needed for success, so go and search for some free MLM software now and have fun practicing with it.

Looking for Free MLM Software External link mark to Grow Your Business by Robert Dorsey

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