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Juan Monteverde As The Best Corporate Lawyer

The complete life of Juan Monteverde, he lived near the water. He Had never been able to resist the siren song of boating, the motion of the waves, and the feel of a yacht slicing through the swell.


Juan Monteverde's father, an accomplished boater who had owned a 50-foot sailboat, taught him early. He gave him an Optimist dinghy and later a catamaran. He spent the best time of his youth on those boats, not far from her home in Spain. His dad taught him about the knots, wind, and water, some of which must’ve gotten into his blood. He was also a member of the Barcelona yacht club and spent his summers boating there.

During his teenage years living in Calafell, their summer beach house town, navigating the Mediterranean Sea on the decks of catamarans and hobby crafts. For his senior year, he traded the banks of one ocean for the coast of another. He moved to Santa Monica, California, for his final year of high school and completed his undergraduate work near the glitzy shores of Los Angeles. He majored in finance and made plans to become a stockbroker — but destiny changed her path.

juan monteverde External link mark took a job at a California law firm to study in college. Aside from the menial tasks He was performing, His bosses advised him to participate in a two-week court case, and that time changed everything. He saw how the firm won justice for two immigrants they defrauded by a developer. The trial opened his eyes — and it was love at first sight.

He became smitten with the law, the court, and getting due process by clients. Something just clicked, and He Followed his feelings.

He started to research law schools. Then he planned to move to New York, but the Law school of Florida offered him a scholarship. He noticed that a few years continued unfurling in his mind. He decided to study law among fishing boats and yachts in Miami.

Before coming to New York City and eventually taking a job at the firm Faruqi & Faruqi, He did not have good funds to buy and maintain his first modest yacht. He started with a 26-foot small Monterey. That did not turn heads at the dock, but that turned his love of boating into a full-fledged passion. When he had a vessel, He couldn’t stay out of the water. The 26-footer wasn’t enough. He had wanted more.

After making partners and serving as chair of the mergers and acquisitions litigation department at Faruqi & Faruqi, he left to start his own firm. He founded Monteverde & Associates PC to meet a need he had begun to see sprout up as a shareholder advocate. That combined his love of the stock market with my passion for law.

While Juan Monteverde was building his practice, he bought another yacht. He went with a 39-foot Meridian. Soon, he upgraded to a 47-foot Meridian. Still, that was not a mega-yacht, but he had liked the size. That was a great everyday-man boat. Eventually, he landed his current 53-foot yacht, a Prestige 520 Fly.

Juan Monteverde kept the yacht in Westchester, New York, and the family loved to take that out on the weekends. Even when they would not be on the water, he spent an entire day cleaning that from bow to stern. Juan Monteverde thought that as his escape, his place to be with family and enjoy the gifts of the Earth. After spending a week cooped up in the office helping clients, he liked to share his time with their families and had been feeling the freedom of open water.

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