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Choosing A Vacuum Cleaner For The Elderly: The Simpler, The Better

We don’t usually let our grandparents do the housework, they should be in the nursing home and enjoy their later lives instead. However, some senior citizens still want to work or get involved in several jobs in the house to assist their children. Cleaning the house with a vacuum cleaner is not a bad idea as it doesn’t cost too much time and physical energy, but choosing the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners for them is not that easy. If you want to bring one for your grandmother, consider the following factors:


This is the first and most important thing you should consider as your beloved grandma is no longer strong enough to lift a bulky machine. A good vacuum cleaner for her should be 12 pounds or less, otherwise, you may be the one doing the cleaning. 


Besides the lightweight, you have to choose a machine that is easy to maneuver, except a robot vacuum. This will allow your grandmother to move the machine effortlessly between hardwood floors and carpets and avoid unexpected accidents.


A vacuum cleaner with weak suction power will take the elderly more time to clean the house and therefore increase the risk of muscle pains. Expressing this to the consultant or reading the top 10 vacuum cleaners carefully is what you need to do before buying.

Moreover, there are several top vacuum cleaner brands you should know about such as Shark, Dyson, Miele or Hoover. Products from these brands are highly appreciated and ensured about their qualities and consistency.


In fact, senior citizens don’t need too many tools when cleaning, they may only need tools that help them clean difficult places such as on the top of the shelves or under the furniture without bending their backs or standing on a stool. Therefore, an extension wand, hose and crevice tool are extremely necessary to assist their job. 

Furthermore, if they have to change or attach an additional tool during their cleaning, it must be as simple as possible, otherwise, the job will not be well completed or even interrupted. 


This is also an important factor when choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your grandmother. We don’t mean that such a vacuum should have a stylish or latest design like top rated vacuums, but finger grooves on the handle so that she can hold the device more consistently. Moreover, the control buttons should be arranged in easy-to-find places so that she doesn’t have to call your name in case of not sure what to do next.


Only a few over-60-year-old people are good at technology, or at least see clearly all the buttons and their descriptions on the machine. No matter whether you bring home an upright, canister or handheld vacuum, the controlling and adjusting task must be as simple as possible so that your grandmother can use the machine easily and cause no unforeseen problems.


In conclusion, an appropriate vacuum cleaner for the elderly should be light, simple, powerful, easy to maneuver and easy to control. Remember those features and consider the best vacuum cleaner brands, and with the best vacuum cleaner reviews , you will find a good friend for your grandma.

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