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The IPTV Smarters application lets you enjoy all your favourite broadcasts over the Internet. It has a list of your favorite channels, VOD, and repeat capabilities, so you can watch your favourite programmes repeatedly. It also lets you search for channels and TV shows by name or VOD. There is a notification icon that lets you know when new features and content are available. Moreover, smarters IPTV also offers you the option to record your favorite programmes for later viewing at

IPTV Smarters Pro is a free media player for Android devices, and is the perfect choice for both IPTV viewers and companies providing IPTV services. Smarters Pro also comes with parental controls, so you can block content you do not want your kids to see. Moreover, Smarters Pro lets your entire family watch TV shows on up to four screens at once. Streaming IPTV content on the web is also possible through the Smarters Player App.

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