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All About You Need To Know The Advantages Of Lithium Ion Battery For Golf Cart

Lithium-ion batteries are taking the golf market by storm. Just lately, an electrical golf cart ran 114 miles utilizing a lithium-ion battery.

Even golfers preferring to stroll rely on lithium for his or her electrical caddy purposes. Due to the many efficiency benefits of lithium, it has turn into essentially the most highly sought after battery solution for electrical golf caddies.

Historically, lead acid batteries have been utilized in electric golf caddies. However, these inefficient batteries performed poorly both on the course and while charging at house.

The most dependable possibility is now JB battery technology. The following benefits of lithium batteries reveal why you should make the switch to lithium for your electric golf caddy. Higher Usable Capacity

JB allows you to use the full extent of your battery capability, making certain that you just attain the 18th hole without having to hold your bag. Lead acid and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries only give you 70-75 p.c of the rated battery capability earlier than voltage drop impacts performance. Lighter Weight

Your lithium-ion battery is roughly ⅓ of the weight of an AGM battery. That means your motor does not have to power excess weight, which can result in inefficiency. Load your bag with additional golf balls or add a number of more golf equipment figuring out your energy supply is lighter. Quick Charging

Lithium’s efficient battery charging capacity presents the chance to play a spherical of golf within the morning, charge your caddy when you have lunch, and then play another 18 holes within the afternoon.if you want to high efficient lithium ion battery go online External link mark and discover all types of lithium ion battery that you want. Low Voltage Protection

With constructed-in low voltage protection, your battery’s PCB board protects your lithium-ion battery from cell harm, even if you neglect to charge the battery and it runs fully down.

Lithium-ion is changing the golf business in vital methods. By powering golf carts and electric bag caddies more successfully, lithium facilitates a extra pleasant recreation of golf during which you don’t have to worry about your battery’s efficiency.

JB Battery France is among the leading china lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer External link mark. JB batteries have one of many largest inventories of lithium ion batteries on the planet, we even have the ability to build customized batteries for virtually any application. An instance is our customized 24v, 36v and 48V batteries constructed specifically for trolling motors. Never before have boaters been capable of travel further on a trolling motor battery.

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